A new set of metal railings can transform a space making it attractive for new customers. Whether you want to enhance a dining balcony or bring a new look to your building facade, bespoke metal railings create the perfect first impression that new customers crave.

Why your business needs metal railings

Whether you’re a restaurant or a factory, metal railings are an elegant and practical way to provide safety and security for customers.


First and foremost, wrought iron or steel railings are highly functional. And they send a signal that you care about your customers’ safety, security and wellbeing. They also create a formidable barrier making it difficult for opportunists to enter your premises


First impressions count, and metal railings on the exterior of your building are one of the first things a potential customer will see. Just because your railings are functional doesn’t mean they can’t have an aesthetic appeal. Steel railings have a sleek, modern appeal while wrought iron has a solid and traditional appeal.

In addition, railings can be tailor-made to fit your premises. So whether you’re looking for a contemporary or classic style, our experienced metal fabricators can create a bespoke finish to attract a new audience.


Nothing turns off customers more than peeling paintwork and rusty fences. So it’s worth investing in new railings to create a superb finish to your premises. Make sure they’re well-crafted so they have durability and longevity. This maximises the return on your investment and makes sure your chosen finish or colour lasts.

What type of metal railing is right for your business?

Security railings

Security railings act to deter intruders 24/7. Which means that your new customers can access your premises and park their cars confident that nothing will happen in their absence. Steel railings are an excellent choice and they can be finished with your choice of anti-climb products for enhanced security.

Wrought iron gates and railings

Wrought iron security gates and railings are a popular choice in a residential setting as they integrate function and style so well. And there are additional benefits that make wrought iron railings a great choice for your business.

It goes without saying that wrought iron railings are secure, but wrought iron is also highly durable. The low carbon content makes it extremely tough and able to withstand most conditions. And it’s incredibly low maintenance, so you’ll keep making that great first impression every time a new customer walks in through the gates.

Hotel and restaurant balcony railings

If your hotel or restaurant has a balcony, why not give it a facelift with new metal railings. Express the personality of your business by incorporating your logo, or maximise a fantastic view with streamlined steel railings.

Attract attention with a colourful finish or weatherproof with a sophisticated powder coating. Make your balcony railings stand out and you could find your business going viral!

Customisable railings

Metal railings are completely customisable. The name ‘wrought iron’ comes from the fact that the material itself is very easy to work with.

There’s virtually no limit to the shape or colour that your railings can take, so whether you need deer guards for your pub garden or safety railings for the office, they don’t have to compromise on aesthetics. And new customers will assume that the thought and care you’ve put into your railings extend across your business.

Bespoke metalwork by Parallel Fabrication

If you’re looking for metal railings to attract customers to your business, we can help. We’re specialists in the art of forged metalwork, so contact us today for wrought iron and steel railings that make a stunning first impression.