Our Environmental Pledge

Just like our fabrication, we take our environmental impact seriously. 

We know what we do isn’t easily environmentally friendly and fabrication processes such as galvanising, powder coating etc will never be carbon neutral…well, never say never! However, we are a passionate business with a genuine care for the planet we all call home. So we are doing our best to make small efforts to count towards the bigger movement.

We all have big dreams, big visions. Ours is that, one day, we can maximise the reduction of our carbon footprint in bigger ways – such as purchasing electric business vehicles. But for now, we are making small choices such as aiming to be paper-free and only using eco-ink in our printers, using biodegradable packaging and ensuring as much of our waste is recycled as possible. We are also pleased to offer our customers the option of environmentally considerate composite in-fill gates.

In our pledge to try and give back a little something, we have connected with a local charity ‘East of England Apples and Orchards Project’. They are using our regular donation to build upon the kind, impactful work they are doing to protect threatened orchard habitats. We’ve invited them to introduce themselves a little bit more here…

apples and orchards project

The East of England Apples & Orchards Project is a conservation and education charity that has been working to secure a long-term future for the region’s orchard fruit varieties and their orchard habitats since 2003. In that time it has established the East of England Fruit Collection, an orchard of all of the over 275 varieties of apple pear, plum and cherry whose origins lie in the region. It has supplied more than 30,000 of these local variety trees to thousands of individuals, more than 500 schools and over 400 community projects, helping to safeguard this important part of our shared heritage. It has also trained hundreds of people in orchard skills, rediscovered lost varieties, and inspired thousands through its presence at Apple Days across the region.


“It’s only one straw…. said 8 billion people”

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