Are you looking after your residential metal gates? If not, they may create the wrong impression due to an accumulation of issues – including rust, dirt, cracks and other types of damage.

And yet, by taking a few simple steps, you can keep your residential metal gates in good working order, while ensuring your home exudes beauty and charm.

Here are six indispensable tips you can follow to stay on track.

1. Clean your gates regularly

This might sound obvious. And yet so many people in the UK forget to follow this basic routine, meaning their gates become dulled due to rust and layers of grime.

Metal security gates for homes are surprisingly easy to clean. So you won’t need to invest hours of your time outdoors with a bucket of water and a bottle of cleaning fluid.

Using a detergent, wash your gates carefully and ensure every inch is covered. Once you’ve finished, dry the metal using a towel to make your gates sparkle (and give visitors a warm welcome too).

2. Protect against the weather

Over time, weather degrades metal – causing it to rust. This won’t just affect the appearance of your gates; it will affect their functionality. Do you really want to pay a company to replace or repair your gates?

So, what can you do to protect your residential metal gates from humidity, rain and moisture? Cleaning alone won’t prevent corrosion. It will only improve the external appearance.

To prevent rust, you might want to apply a protective sealant. This will prevent water from penetrating and extend your gates’ lifespan.

3. Inspect your gates regularly

How often should you clean your gates, grease the hinges, or apply a sealant? The short answer is: whenever necessary. And you will only know when by conducting routine inspections. Once a week is sufficient, although you may want to step things up during humid or damp weather.

When inspecting, survey your gates carefully. If some areas are hard to reach – and provided you feel confident – use a ladder to ensure no evidence of dirt or corrosion is missed.

If you spot an issue, act immediately. If the problem is complex or severe, you may want to contact your installer for advice.

4. Correct any bent sections

This is an issue you may need help with. If sections in your gate are bent, they’ll need replacing. If you’re feeling confident, this minor issue can be remedied.

To correct bends in your steel security gates, you will need a blowtorch and hammers. If in doubt, consult the services of a professional – otherwise, you could damage your gates or (worse still) suffer an injury.

5. Remove evidence of rust

Rust can be removed if caught early. Simply use sandpaper or steel wool on the affected sections and continue until all evidence of corrosion is gone.

Is the rust severe? If so, you may need to enlist the help of a metalwork specialist with the expertise to help.

6. Paint your residential metal gates

Paint acts as a protective barrier that prevents the ingress of water, improving your product’s longevity tenfold (especially if you clean your gates and grease the hinges on a regular basis too).

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