Take a look at some of our past steel fabrication and metalwork projects from around Norfolk. From handmade gates to bespoke metal staircases, we’ve done it all.

External Metal Staircase Norfolk

A beautiful example of our craftmanship outside, this is a fully galvanised steel staircase. Fitted to a gabion wall, the staircase provides access to the upper level of our customer’s Norfoflk garden. It has been fabricated with gates top and bottom and made with slip-resistant tread plate steps to offer a child-safe solution for years to come. In these images it’s bright and shiny but over time and under the elements the steel staircase will begin to oxidise, dull and blend perfectly into the adjoining lanscaping structure.

Space-Saver Paddle-Style Staircase Norwich

Gavin was approached to replace an imposing paddle pine staircase as part of a drainage mill renovation. Working with the customer from start to finish, this complex project was primarily fabricated on site accommodating the curve of the building. Each laser-cut step is different from the one below and the entire design aims to allow the light to flood through a small space. Made entirely from mild steel, we’ve helped the customer accomplish their aim to retain the industrial style in this incredible building.

Heavy-Duty Racking Norwich 

Metalwork by Design – we are exactly that! This latest installation is a great example of one of our bespoke projects. This made-to-measure heavy-duty racking is crafted from box section steel and Malaysian plywood, hand painted in a black finish. Every shelf and hook has been carefully considered and designed to accommodate our customer’s machinery and tooling.

Farm Gate Norfolk

A large manual farm gate finished in olive green. This made-to-measure gate is fabricated with a heavy-duty box section framework and clad with corrugated panels. It’s design is intended to complement the adjoining building.

Stainless Steel Shower Unit

Within the confinements of a rather small space, Gavin has skilfully handcrafted a bespoke curved shower unit as part of a drainage mill renovation. The unit is fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel and has been made with the utmost attention to detail and care.

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